Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Glory of Bundesvision

Last week Damon and I were flipping channels after the end of his favorite show, Tatort, when we came across a super-cheesy "metal" band playing on a giant stage. We tuned in just to make fun of them - the pseudo-Legolas looking guy with his hurdy-gurdy-esque mystery instrument, the bleached platinum blondeness, the big screen behind them with images of a stormy ocean. Niiiice.

We discovered that what we'd found was the Bundesvision Song Contest - a German version of the Eurovision Song Contest wherein a band from each German state competes for a title. Voters call or SMS their choice, just like Eurovision. The only difference in voting is that one can vote for the act from his or her own state, whereas one cannot vote for his or her own country in Eurovision voting.

We tuned in for the rest. None of it was outstanding; cheesy productions were everywhere, but it was fun to see what each state put out there. We tried to make a guess at who would win. I thought Berlin had a decent chance with a group called Culcha Candela. Damon was all for a punk group from, I think, Niedersachsen. There was a large showing from the punk genre.

So, it was to our surprise when we found out that Germany found best the video we originally saw and tuned in just to make fun of! For your pleasure, here it is: Subway to Sally, a band from Brandenburg.


  1. aaah, Subway to Sally...

    gotta say they're a classic of the German hardrock scene nowadays though, and have been around for over 15 years.

    oh, but the Bundesvision is sorta intended to be cheesy, or at least i suspect that ^^;

  2. Oh my glory...well, this is the country that likes David Hasselhoff...

  3. Sara: Thank God for youtube or you would have missed all the fun!

    Kato: Hey, the cheese got these two audience members to turn in, so I'd say it's a good strategy!

    Cowgirl: Is it really true about Hasselhoff? I haven't met THOSE Germans yet....


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