Monday, February 18, 2008

Dresden: The Return

The day after she arrived, my sister and Damon and I were up dark and early to catch a 5:47am train to Dresden. I'd put together a Europe-wide selection of possible 4-day 3-night itineraries for her to choose from, and a Dresden/Berlin trip beat out Lisbon, Amsterdam, Vienna, Athens, Barcelona, and Muenchen!

We were there only for just over 24 hours, so it was another Dresden quickie for us. We stayed at the hostel Louise 20, which turned out to be located right above Plan Wirtschaft, the restaurant where we had such a good experience back in November. The hostel was super-clean and pretty nice. The fact that it was a Monday night and very quiet was kind of nice considering how tired we were! We had breakfast the following morning at Plan Wirtschaft. They had a nice selection but it wasn't as friendly and cheap as I remembered. Also, there was a fly in Damon's soup - no joke!

We zipped through all the sites - the Frauenkirche, the Catholic church, the mural of all the princes, the Zwinger, the communist mural. This time we even got to go inside the Frauenkirche! It has been just as carefully restored as the exterior - though we all found that it wasn't really to our taste. No photos were allowed inside. We had Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) at, strangely, a Canadian-themed place near the Frauenkirche, then stopped at the hostel before meeting up with a friend for dinner at a tapas joint, followed by dessert at a restaurant I can't remember the name of (took a photo to remind myself, but it was lot), and drinks at a cocktail bar I also don't recall the name of - all in Neustadt.

The following morning we explored Neustadt in the daylight, checking out the Kunstpassage and various shops. Unfortunately I lost all my photos from that morning! I guess the memory card - an off-brand one that we got in Prague - had a problem. No photos from that day (second in Dresden, first in Berlin) survived, and only a few from the day before and the day after survived and were uncorrupted. Check out the Dresden ones here!:

Dresden Jan 08


  1. Weird! The memory card we bought in Prague just crapped out on us the other day, too!!

    Apparently Czech memory cards have a shorter life expectancy, because of all the goulash?

    : )

  2. shit man, i will never finish my germany blog!!

  3. Glad you got to see the inside of the church this time! I'm surprised they didn't allow you to take pictures though... normally they just say no flash.

  4. Michelle: No way! It's like they have timed planned obsolescence for about 6 months from purchase. We'll have to start making jokes about things made in the Czech Republic, like they used to make jokes about stuff made in Japan back in ...whenever they did that.

    Sara: A good Thursday night project perhaps?

    B: Hmm, looks like they are getting all hardass about the photos now! Oh well...


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