Monday, January 21, 2008

Expatriate Delegation!

This year there will be an expatriate delegation to the Democratic National Convention!
Just a week or two before I found out about this, I was wondering to myself why we don't have our own delegation. For people that have been abroad for years, it's silly to get a ballot from their last state of residence, which they may have very little to do with now.

The statistics in the article are interesting. There are six million Americans living abroad who are eligible to vote! But in for the 2006 elections, only 990,000 requested ballots to vote in their last state of residence. Of those, only 330,000 ended up successfully voting!

I have already sent in my info to Massachusetts to vote there, but this is a great alternative. Expats, if you are daunted by the old way, try signing up to vote online at ! Also, for those of you who want to vote for Obama in the primary (I am not endorsing anyone here, this is for those who already decided), a friend of mine thanks you - he is hoping to be one of the expatriate delegates to the convention, and would be a delegate for Obama, were he to make it. So, votes for Obama give him a better chance to go.


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for posting the links.

  2. I vote absentee every election, and this year won't be any different.

  3. I initially thought that expatriation must be a relatively small effect in elections, but I just checked and over 30 states have fewer than 6 million people.

  4. B - cool eh? Now if only we had some reps and senators for expatriates :)

    J - cool! Do you bother researching when there are local propositions and other local elections on your ballot, or just leave them blank/vote a straight party ticket/ etc?

    Mary - Yes, it's bigger than many states, even if you use a smaller estimate of how many expatriates there are!


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