Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Public Service Announcement Regarding the Neuenheimer Landstrasse

Dear Bikers on the Neuenheimer Landstrasse sidewalk:

The sidewalk along the Neuenheimer Landstrasse is not a bike path. The bike path ends near the bridge in Neuenheim. It's quite clear where. Painted lines show you that it's time to join the cars on the road. There's no room for you AND pedestrians with all those trees and concrete blocks on the sidewalk. I don't appreciate having to get out of your way because you can't obey the rules and I would lose in a pedestrian vs. bike crash. I especially don't appreciate getting yelled at if I don't get out of your way fast enough or in the direction that you expect me to go. You're in the wrong, not me. I don't care if you don't have a light on your bike and that's why you're on the sidewalk. You need to get a light. I understand that the amount of traffic in that area makes riding on the street suck, but that is not an excuse to be a major pain in the ass to pedestrians. If you need or want to be on the sidewalk instead, get off your bike and walk it. And if despite all this you continue to be an ass and ride on the sidewalk and expect me to step aside for you, the least you could do is say thanks as you whiz past.

Grumpy Pedestrian


  1. I am so with you on this--it's almost as bad a hundeschei├če

  2. You just don't get it ... bicyclists are eco-friendly, and therefore are entitled to disregard all laws, social norms, and conventions of passage. To paraphrase an old American saying, "If you don't like the way I am riding, stay off the sidewalks, roads, bridges and train platforms, or anywhere else for that matter."

  3. Right on - Mike B. I totally wish I could say that to one of my friends, who doesn't even slow down for red lights.

  4. All: Thanks for the commiseration. I just don't really understand it. When I bike, I don't like stuff in my way, so what exactly is attractive about riding on a sidewalk full of trees, concrete blocks, and pedestrians? Gr!


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