Monday, December 17, 2007

The Music Post, 2007

I've contemplated doing an "expatriate music" post for a while, putting out some ideas (and collecting some ideas from comments) of some songs to which expatriates in particular might (or might not...everyone is different) relate. I also contemplated doing a "favorites of 2007" post to share some of the music that came out this year that I liked, since I have been on a music binge the last few months after subscribing to Of course that isn't relevant to my blog subject of being an expatriate in Germany, but I thought I could work in a tie by indicating which of the songs come from German artists. Then I thought it was funny to sit around yapping about the best songs of 2007 when I've only had such a short time to digest them. The real prize is a song that you've been listening to for ten years and still love. So how about highlighting a few favorite songs from the last ten years?

SO! To keep from bombarding the world with all these different music posts when not everyone is really interested in that sort of thing (especially if they have already written my taste off as hopeless after seeing the Rufus Wainwright and Dan Deacon posts), I will just bombard the world with one big fat music post. And that's all you'll hear from me this year about music. Maybe.

First, the expatriate tunes. These songs include one about getting out of the US because of political irritation, one about just having wanderlust, one about being North American in Europe in particular. And, I would like to call for more songs in this vein, if any fellow expats out there have some that strike them as being relevant!

(Sorry, some of these are clips only. Embedding youtube videos would have taken so much space!)

Now for some 2007 favorites! This excludes the 3 songs above which were also all released in 2007.
2007 favorites by German artists (these turned out to all be electronica, so skip if you know you're not into that):

And from non-Germans!:

(Guess Devendra Banhart doesn't like imeem - I really like this song, "Seahorse", so I caved and did youtube. The video is sort of terrible, though. Double click to open it in a youtube window - otherwise it will tell you it's no longer available, even though it is:)

Representing previous years! (Sorry for any incorrect years. This is just what iTunes tells me the year is.)

And, couldn't get on imeem or youtube: "I Don't Need It" - Arling & Cameron







(This one is mislabeled; it's actually about the superiority of the metric system! :) )



Care to share your favorites, of any time? German or otherwise? :)


  1. I haven't listened to the songs yet, but don't get me started on the superiority of the metric system. Yes, it is much better. But a discussion of the backwardness of the US in continuing to use the Imperial system should be limited to only one lunchtime conversation

  2. this is a great list!! i've never heard of imeem... what is it, exactly? i guess i could just look myself... ;P ... now off to watch the seahorse video again!

  3. Mary: The song is just silly. :) "I weigh 170 pounds, that's 90 kilograms! See, metrics can even make you thin!" I take it you have to deal with metrics conversations often?
    I dig metrics and can visualize them when other people use metrics terms with me, but when I have to describe something I can't help but use inches, feet, and yards without even thinking about it!

    Sara: Another online music community or something - I only registered so I could find and embed these clips in the blog! I figure so few people are going to be interested in clicking on songs but maybe they'll be slightly more so if they don't have to deal with a video also? I don't know.

  4. My current faves are Xavier Naidoo's Was Wir Alleine Nicht Schaffen (Dann Schaffen Wir das Zusammen). I think it's from 2006. And ich+ich's Vom selben Stern :)

  5. I know a bit of Naidoo but I haven't heard of ich+ich before; I will have to check it out!


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