Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's a little bit warmer in Rome.


So, we are going there.
Hopefully it will be pretty cool! Damon has been there before, but I haven't. I've been trying to get some info. Everybody I know from the US that has gone had really good things to say. It's Rome, so there's a bit of obligation to go there, although I know a lot of people here in Germany who have never gone. Italians seem kind of "meh" about it. If you ask them where you should visit they don't mention it at all but skip straight to Prague, Paris, and Barcelona. And here's what the internet has to say "OMGZ THEY WILL STEAL ALL YOUR SHIT NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO! Don't have your money in an obvious place! They will take it! But if it looks like you are trying to hide your money they will think you're a tourist and try to con you! You can't win you pathetic non-Roman!!! You will never fit in! Go home!" Mm, cheery!! Well hopefully nothing bad will happen. :) I'm really looking forward to all the awesome churches, and a few extra degrees of warmth!

Here's a photo of our sad little tree to bid you a Merry Christmas. :)


  1. Italians in general don't like Romans because they think Romans are snobbish and pretentious (because they're from Roma and they're not, neeener nneeener neeener!).

    BUT! Living there I found that most Romans were super friendly and very appreciative of any attempt to speak Italian. Be prepared for the ongoing fashion show, though. I think that's one way they can smell a tourist from a mile away (oh, those fanny packs and Nike shoes).

    I just realized that I never responded to Damon's message about ideas for Rome! I shall do that today!

    Have fun and Buon Natale!

  2. hahaha remember my tree last year?! one branch sitting in a glass of water?!

  3. I went to Rome more than 10 years ago with school. It was a great trip. But I guess I didn't pay too much attention to any possible dangers. Enjoy! It's definitely an interesting place to go to.

  4. M. and I went about a year ago in November. I went into it expecting nothing. We did mostly the touristy things and I enjoyed all of them. We were lucky to have very nice weather - my favorite of all was the people watching. I was rudely snapping shots of all the people passing by in front of the Pantheon where we stopped for some wine on an outdoor patio. Enjoy it!


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