Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Heidelberg, I really hate you right now.

So I've been vaguely under the weather for a while. I kind of wish I would just get really sick and get it over with, instead of feeling for six weeks like I'm about to get crushed with a horrible cold. On top of that, Damon was up at a work Christmas party until 2 am and I couldn't sleep until he got home. At said party he ate/drank some combination of things that caused him to keep me up with a variety of smells and climbs out of bed to the bathroom all night. Then, Heidelberg, THEN, at SEVEN FREAKING AM you decide it's a good idea to get started with some construction project on the river. Construction involving incessant rhythmic pounding much like the throbs of a headache, louder than a jackhammer, amplified probably hundreds of times by the Neckar Valley. It's so loud we can't even hear the alarm clock right next to the bed when it goes off.

Much appreciated.


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon :-)

    Or, if you must, I hope you're feeling much much worse soon so that you can get over it ;-)

  2. It's the winter blahs. I feel like I've got a permanent body stone from early December til late January. This year I'm drinking lots more coffee for the duration, and it's helped my mood. Try it!

  3. Let it out, girl, let it out.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. Feel better.

    Around here we're contemplating running people over with the library van, just to thin out the population of idiots. Maybe the local library there would lend you their bookmobile for a while?

  5. Martina: Soon, but not too soon. After vacation, maybe. :) Thanks!

    Ian: I'll have to share my embarrassing coffee story sometime on short I should avoid it, but thanks for the tip! Maybe I can sub in some exercise as a pick-me-up? Not as easy as coffee, but must do what I can!

    J: Thanks!

    Dru: Heh heh, you could have a horror movie called "Bookmobile of Death". People will never look at librarians the same way again.

  6. Yeah, why does everything incessantly loud begin by 7am in Germany?! I'm continously amazed that the recycle trucks and trash trucks all manage to be everywhere at the same time... right around 6:55am. And construction? Well, hell. Why would you do it after 8???? Hope you're feeling better...


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