Monday, December 31, 2007

Guten Rutsch!

Or, in English - have a good slide into the new year!
A German tradition is to watch the following video on New Year's Eve. It's in English, so anyone who can read this can watch and understand!

We went into town today to pick up a few things. I had the idea of buying ourselves a new outfit at H&M for the new year, since we almost never purchase clothing anymore so we can save to travel a little bit. I would say the clothes we wear on a daily basis are 3-4 years old on average so we are looking and feeling pretty frumpy. However, we had just picked up a few things for Damon when the store announced it was closing at 2pm! So I didn't get anything except an overcoat that was on sale for 15 EUR. Then we picked up a few groceries (store was insane - closed yesterday and closed tomorrow) and got some new year's goodies - these little marzipans in lucky shapes, and a new year's prezel. A guy standing at the counter with us told us we're supposed to break it like a wishbone. We were laughing that he could have just made that up to tease the foreigners...or it might be true. I guess we'll do it. :)

We got back from Rome on Thursday night and I will hopefully have something to put up here about it soon. I don't really know where to start in condensing five full days in Rome into one blog post, really!


  1. Great that you are back. I am looking forward to hearing all about your Rome-trip.
    Happy New Year to both of you!


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