Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brilliant Idea for the Manufacturers of Products with Non-Stick Coatings

How about packaging your non-stick pan with a few plastic utensils that can be used with it, since the metal ones, which scrape off the coating into your food, are forbidden? The world isn't exactly overflowing with nice sharp plastic/rubber/wooden knives for cutting bars, you know. We could use a hand.

In the meanwhile, I'll have some non-stick coating with my food. I figure this can't give me cancer, since it doesn't stick to anything and will therefore pass through my system without touching a thing.


  1. I hate that too! And also, even the plastic stuff there is always melts on the pan. I use my metal pans when I can, but they're hard to keep in good condition.

  2. Naechste: When we got pots/pans for the stovetop when we got married we went straight for the kind without the non-stick because of that very problem! For bakeware though I still use the non-stick...I am very poor at greasing/flouring things nicely...but man! I need one of those plastic lettuce knives or something to go with them...


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