Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Slightly less schrecklich

Ok, so it got better right after I wrote my post. Who knew all I had to do was say something? The sun came out, followed by some cool weird sleet-like weather, followed by more sun leading up to a decent sunset. I went to work and there was new stuff for me to do so I don't feel so useless at work anymore. And there's snow on top of the Koenigstuhl (Heidelberg's highest hill)!

I did have a German language failure on the way home, though. A guy asked me for directions. Normally I can do this in German but this time I couldn't even think of the first sentence (they were slightly complicated directions, but come on!). Luckily he could do English so I hope he found what he was looking for. Also, I hurried home to catch my sister online, but it turned out she had to go to work an hour early today, so I totally missed her anyway. Blast!


  1. When in doubt, you can always point in the right direction and use this phrase:

    "Immer gerade aus. Dann weiter fragen."

    That phrase works every time and based on my experience it translates to something like: "I don't really know, but you're heading in the right direction. Just keep going."

  2. wooooooooo i made it into the blog again!!

    we had an event today and i had a shitload of name badges still to make so i had to haul ass. alas! )PLUS MY WIRELESS HATES ME. i saw you were on but i couldn't talk to you. :( but, maybe tomorrow morning? :D

  3. Gardner: that might work in the city, but I have been out walking my dog and had people pull up and ask for directions, and the first thing they'll say is "You're the first person we've seen. There's nobody out on the streets!"

  4. Hmm...the fact that sleet qualifies as "cool" really makes me wonder about German weather. In my experience, sleet is just, well, schrecklich!

  5. Gardner: haha basically, go over there and ask someone else once you get closer? ;) In this case he had to go up some stairs then turn right so I couldn't do a cop out unfortunately :/

    Sara: Yay, you are on RIGHT NOW

    Martina: Nobody on the streets? I'm hearing Twilight Zone music...;)

    Jen: well, it's more unusual and interesting than plain old rain or cloudiness! :D


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