Saturday, October 13, 2007

Would you eat food you found on your doorstep?

On Thursday when I left for work, there were two bakery bags sitting outside the front door of our building, which seemed a little weird to me. They were sealed closed with stickers that said the bakery hoped to gain the receiver as a customer after they enjoyed the delicious freshness of the goodies inside. (They kind smelled like Kaesebroetchen.) They had the last names of two other tenants of the building scrawled on them so I left them there. When I came home, one was still sitting outside. I brought it inside the door and left it by the mailboxes because I thought having them out on the steps was a little strange. I don't think I would eat food left on my doorstep (there's that American paranoia kicking in). The intended recipient still hasn't picked them up so I guess they probably aren't so fresh and delicious at this point. Is this a common marketing scheme in Germany? It just seems strange to me.


  1. well, now I'm hungry again...

  2. Mary: So how are the eats at the lab? :)

    Sara: Send cupcakes.

    Anon: Dad, is that you? :)


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