Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some Entertainment During Intermission

The in-laws are in town so we've been traveling with them, and will be doing so again this weekend. So, no time to blog.

But, here's something to keep you awake in the meantime...for better or for worse.
Don't watch it if flashing colors give you migraines or seizures.

See you next week. If you survive the video.


  1. thoughts on this video:
    a) just as good as any david hassselhoff music video!
    b) it actually looks like what a video by the show is the rainbow would look like, if he ever made one. he kinda looks like that guy, too.
    c) i kinda like the song.... ut oh!

  2. Sara: I like it too. Insert embarrassed smiley here. The flashing parts of the video are too much for me, though.

    Molly: Thanks :) I seem to have made it through but with no energy for posting!


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