Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shopping: I hate it.

Kick me out of your girls' club now. I don't like to shop. There's nothing fun to me about the crowds in stores, the piles and piles of merchandise to sift through, and the nagging in the back of my head that I can only afford one thing I really need in the whole store so I had better do a good job, dammit!

But, one can only put it off for so long. I think the problem is that I'm so picky. I was in the market for a little black dress for my friend's wedding - dressy enough to be a bridesmaid in, but not so dressy it requires nylons, because none of the other bridesmaids are deigning to wear them. Then shoes for said wedding - that didn't show off my heels and toes because I didn't want to deal with a pedicure. I need shoes for walking too after the destruction of my usual pair became complete on the two-week trip - and they must go with everything because I can't be getting multiple pairs. A bracelet for the wedding - should be pearls to go with my necklace, but maybe with a little color to help me look less washed out, but also cheap (ie fake), and also not look cheap. And then it turned out that for the "casual" rehearsal dinner, "casual" actually meant "summer dress or skirt with nice top" - I have no "casual" dress (I actually don't get the concept) and I have no "nice top" to match my one skirt. (I have some that would be appropriate for the office, but would sort of corporate next to someone in a summer dress.) So, more shopping to come - the shoes, the bracelet, the dress or top... and about one day to do it.

Then there's the calligraphy project. I got the pens in Munich. Then I got some paper in a little shop off the Hauptstrasse. The paper didn't work with the pens. So Damon stopped yesterday at a pen/paper shop in Neuenheim to get some. The paper is poster-sized. Damon asked if they could cut it smaller. "It's too big for us to cut." Too big for them to cut?? And what cutting facilities exactly do they think I have at my apartment!? Shouldn't they have a way to cut huge paper if they are going to sell it? (This is typical in US art stores, at least.) Now I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to do a decent job cutting down this paper with a cutting mat that's only about a quarter of the size of the sheets. I might have to just resort to scissors and then trim off straight edges later.

EDIT: I went to H&M and got two "nice shirts" and a skirt that was on sale for only 5 EUR. So, rehearsal dinner now covered. Looked for bracelets in a couple more stores. No luck. Maybe I'll just go bracelet-less. The wedding is this weekend :)


  1. hahaha - I'm not laughing *at* you, I'm laughing *with* you :-)

    At least you own a skirt - I swear I don't own a single one.

    Have you looked into "ecco" brand shoes? I mean for the comfortable, walking ones. I have these:
    they're my 4th pair of ecco's (2nd of this specific model) and I absolutely love them.

    Otherwise, hey, you're flying back to the kingdom of retail, surely you'll be able to make all of these purchases stateside?

  2. Martina: I could shop stateside but the wedding is this weekend and there won't be time to shop until after it! I could look for shoes there, though. I actually think shoe shopping is better here than in the States. I just want the impossible: shoes that work for EVERYTHING. I don't think such a thing really exists except in my head :)

  3. "My" Ecco's work for everything. Except with skirts :-)

    Good luck finding everything you'll need!!

  4. Hate shopping too. It's a sad thing, but shopping fills a need for a lot of empty people. They're easy to spot - just look for the well-dressed, aimless wanderers and browsers downtown on a Monday morning.

  5. Preach on... if I can't buy it online I figure it's not worth owning. You couldn't pay me enough to go to a mall on a Saturday.

  6. Martina: I saw some I liked on the US Ecco site but they don't have them on the German site! Maybe I'll see them when I'm over there...

    Sara: Right on.

    Ian: Some people very close to me have that problem :( Maybe that is why I have such a distaste for it!

    Eurotrippen: I shopped for most things online in the US. Here it's a little harder to read things so I haven't really picked it up!

  7. I comb Ebay every few months looking for my favorite Eccos for cheap. The most comfy walking shoes I've ever owned. I think I'm on about my 6th pair of Ecco Soft V's by now. You can buy them online from http://www.zappos.com/n/es/d/536500000/show_all/1/page/1/bar/1.html
    in the US. I think they ship internationally. The specific ones I mentioned run small, though, so a size up is a good idea. I do wish European shoes came in half sizes, though. I just wear thick socks.

    Oh, and I absolutely HATE shopping, too. Always have.


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