Thursday, September 20, 2007

Peanut Butter Cups

We brought peanut butter cups back to Germany with us - both bags of the miniatures, and packages of the regular-sized ones. They're available here in the regular packs, but only in the fancy import section, and pretty expensive. Peanut butter cups are the good stuff, as far as I'm concerned. I know I'm not the only one. Growing up, that was the good candy on Halloween, the house everyone wanted to make sure to go to. They went faster than anything else from the office candy jar, too. Though they're all good, I like the regular-sized ones better than the miniatures. I think the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter is different in the two different sizes, and I prefer the ratio in the bigger ones. (I never tried those extra-big ones they came out with, though.)

So, we gorged on some of the miniatures, and fed the rest to unsuspecting (and/or suspecting) non-Americans, with mixed results. Chocolate and peanut butter are considered a pretty weird combination in most of the world.

One of my coworkers started to unwrap it and asked if it was an "Eis-konfekt". I don't even know what that is, but I ducked out of the room before seeing the reactions. A friend from class said, "I like this. You can bring me these." One of Damon's labmates smelled the bag and already knew she wasn't going to like it. Another looked at it after unwrapping and said, "I don't know if I'm going to like this." Then she tried it. "No, I don't like this." A third ate four of them, until he felt ill, then ate a fifth for good measure. Guess he liked them. It's funny for me to even imagine them not tasting good, when they were basically a childhood luxury to me. I tried one with an open mind and tried to imagine it tasting bad. I found that lingering on the peanut butter too long does taste a little strange. Maybe. But, I'm still not convinced :) I'm already asking people to bring us more!


  1. How? How do people not love these to absolute death?! But hey man... MORE FOR YOU. Shit. Don't be sharin' what you can't get much of especially if they are going to wrinkle their noses! ;)

    I will bring you some, along with other surprises, WHEN I COME IN JANUARY HOLLA!

  2. I thought that was just me and not a cultural difference. I love chocolate and almost any cookies, but if there is any peanutbutter in there you can keep it;)

  3. Here you can read about Eiskonfekt:

    You know how if you bake an American recipe for a German, i.e. cake or cookies, they will taste it and say "oh, that's *much* too sweet!". Well, I have no idea how Germans eat Eiskonfekt, because to me it's like the sweetest thing ever invented.

    And by the way, why do Americans, love all things peanut butter (myself included), but when you offer them Erdnuss Flips they try one or two and declare them to be "gross"? I don't get it; I like both, i.e. peanut butter and Erdnuss Flips

  4. Ahhh... biological warefare.

  5. Man, I eat so many of those I get sick!

  6. Oh! If Sara is bringing you some, I will just stick to the Mac and Cheese.

  7. Man you have GOT to write a new post so I don't keep seeing this one every time I start Firefox... because now I crave them all the time.

  8. Oh, yes! Peanut Butter Cups RULE. My German doesn't like them either, though. What is WRONG with these people????!

  9. Am I the only American out there who doesn't like Reese's peanut butter cups? Talk about much too sweet... And the peanut butter is some bizarre synthetic peanut butter approximation... Ugh.

  10. Ala Homer . . .

    Aaaaahhhhh, peanut butter cups!!!!

  11. Peanut butter cups are ok ... but try dipping a milk-chocolate Ritter Sport or Milka bar in peanut butter and you might not go back.

  12. Sara: Oh yeah, I can always eat more! (Although perhaps I shouldn't....)

    Bek: Every one of my favorite sweet recipes includes PB and chocolate together! I will have to keep this in mind and avoid it if I ever make you something :)

    Martina: I saw Erdnuss Flips before but never tried them until just recently. They taste just like Peanut Butter Capn Crunch only without the sugar! The inlaws liked them and so does my husband. I think they are fine but they are disorienting because I keep thinking they're missing the sugar.

    Mary: Just drop PBcup bombs? :)

    Anonym: Cat, is that you?

    Sara: Eeeeeeat themmmmmmm....

    Debbie: And they don't like root beer who knows?

    Mike B: I used to eat PB and chocolate chips off a spoon. So you're right...I would probably love that and should never add it to my arsenal of German overeating...;)

  13. Know what's even BETTER than a plain old peanut butter cup?

    A peanut butter cup s'more!


  14. Michelle: Let's make those in your backyard when we come visit in May!!


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