Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's good to have goals.

And here are my goals for Boston:

* Eat:
1. dim sum.
2. at Olé Mexican Grill.
3. at Qdoba.
4. clam chowder.
5. buttered popcorn.

* Hang out with:
1. people from my old neighborhood
2. people from my old job
3. people from Damon's old lab
4. people from college

* Shower said people with:
1. German wine
2. Schaum-Erdbeeren
3. Nougat Pillows
4. marzipan
5. Hachez chocolate

* Bring back:
1. root beer
2. peanut butter cups
3. peanut butter
4. marshmallow fluff
5. stick sunscreen

* Sit on the harbor.
* Ride the T and think about how much I don't miss commuting on it.
* Overhear other people's conversations and understand every word.

I leave you with something Bostonian:


  1. Hope everything goes well with your flight.

  2. yaaay we get to see cami again :) is verrrry happy!!! have fun at the wedding.

  3. DIM SUM! PEANUT BUTTER CUPS! OMG I WANT BOTH RIGHT NOW. don't forget oatmeal cream pies?

    i wish you had a us number i could call :/

  4. Since we want to help you track your progress, we need pictures and descriptions of said dim sum etc ... we want you to be successful! Nothing like a little vicarious achievement ...


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