Saturday, September 15, 2007

Boston successfully munched!

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We're back in Germany as of yesterday morning, and as messed up from jetlag as one might expect. It's always a lot worse than I remember it being. I've been messing stuff up all day. Then I cave in and take naps. At this rate it will take longer than it should to recover.

As for our USAir transatlantic experience, it was not bad at all on the way to the US. There were three movies (on a big screen), the food was identifiable and not too bad, the service was good, and there was no delay at all. Everything was surprisingly smooth at the airport in Philly, too. Our flight from Philly to Boston was a little scary, though. About 20 minutes in, during beverage service, the first officer came on, using not his SuperCalmPilot3000 voice, but with a very urgent tone, telling the flight attendants to stop cart service and secure the cabin. But, he didn't say why, so we were all left wondering for about fifteen minutes until he came on again to say that there were "signs of wear" on the first officer's window so we had to slow down to try to keep it from blowing open or what have you. The flight attendant told us he has seen it a few times, I guess it's just one of those things for this particular plane. There were big cracks in the window when we got out.

The way back we were delayed out of Philly because they put too much cargo on the plane and it was overweight. Then the pallet-moving system wasn't working so it took them a long time to remove the extra weight from the plane, which turned out to be "several pallets". WTH? Don't they weigh that stuff before they put it on the plane? So, they should know that it's too much before they get it all on there and then we have to sit around while it's removed, right? Then there was a really long line to take off, the likes of which I haven't seen since I tried to fly out of Boston at 7pm on a Friday one time. Actually, I think we waited longer this time than that, even. And a woman nearby was praying the rosary...I hate seeing other people be nervous on planes because it only validates my own anxiety. This flight had TVs at every seat, but as a result there were all these mechanical boxes under the seats, so there was no place for storage and Damon (tall) was really uncomfortable. He now swears he will never fly USAir again. Also, the food was much worse than the other flight. All in all, though, things were pretty ok.

The wedding was beautiful. We ate everything we hoped in Boston, and more. We brought back all the goodies we needed, plus some we hadn't thought of earlier (chili powder, Almond Joys, Starburst...). I still know Boston so much better than I know Heidelberg, so it felt like really going home and it was strange to leave again, being only a visitor. Will post more soon about the trip, but for now here are some photos!

Maine Sep 07

Boston Sep 07


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