Saturday, August 25, 2007

What can you expect from a German hotel room?

We've just returned from a two-week bus tour of Germany, provided by Damon's fellowship foundation to all fellows and their spouses/partners. We're in the surreal post-vacation period, wherein we have little to no concept that work is just around the corner, laundry is piled everywhere, there's not much food in the house, and over a thousand photographs have to be sifted through! As an easy first post back, a rundown on the hotels we experienced. Generally we only can afford to stay at hostels and pensions so it was interesting to see what hotels here are like!

Number of different hotels we stayed in: 8 - from two to four stars.
Number of hotels with free bars of soap: 3 - one of which was eucalyptus-scented. Bizarre.
Number of hotels with a combination soap/shampoo dispenser in shower: 7 - the other had a bottle of body wash just sitting in there.
Number of hotels with a free tiny shampoo you can steal: 1
Number of hotels with a free shower cap you can steal: 3
Number with a free sewing kit: 2
Free notepaper: 7
Free pen: 7
Free pencil: 1
Number of hotels with 2 separate beds that can't be pushed together: 1
Number of hotels with chocolate croissants on the breakfast buffet: 4
Number of hotels with real keys instead of key cards: 5
Number of hotels with candy left on the pillow/nightstand: 3 - and a fourth handed out a box of candy at check-in.
Number of hotels with a bathtub in the room: 4
Number of hotels with more than two bath towels in room upon arrival: 0
Number of hotels with signs telling us to please not make them wash the towels every night: 8
Number of hotels with no hand towel in room: 1
Number of hotels with a method of doing laundry: 1
Cost of that method: 3 EUR per pair of socks to have it washed for you. Prices went up from there.

Overall they were all very nice and of course much better than we could ever afford on our own, with the exception of the Hotel Ibis in Berlin, which was less nice overall than the others, seemed unprepared for the descent of our bus and five others on the breakfast buffet in the morning, and had showers with extreme uncontrollable temperature variations. But, the staff were very friendly. There was quite a lot of variation within individual hotels, though, it seemed. In one, all the double rooms had very nice large bathrooms with bathtubs and huge areas with extra furniture, while all the single rooms had no space at all, and only a hose in the wall for a shower! Very interesting. Overall, there were a lot less freebies and space than in US hotels (in general), but of course this also leads to less waste so I'm generally cool with that.
Hopefully soon we'll have photos up and some info on all that we saw and did! For now...more laundry, more moving out of the suitcase, and some sleep in our own bed :)


  1. oooooooohhhhh i am SUPER GLAD YOU ARE BACK <3

    i am about to investigate skype-linux friendliness levels.

    we might be getting somewhere.

  2. nice trip.we think we should have gone along to help critque....

  3. Sara:

    Anon: I definitely feel lucky to have had this opportunity.

    Martina: Thanks :) I thought of you because our tour guide was from the Odenwald! (Originally)


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