Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Ikea Snille Chair and Other Things People Want to Know About

Time for the latest episode of "Weird Web Searches That Led People to My Blog"!

* snail smash sandals - No, don't do it!
* slugs, do they poo? - I like how this one came complete with punctuation.
* orange german slugs - I haven't seen these ones!
* keep pants from getting caught in sandals - Sounds like someone's a fashion victim.
* I don't know why labone keep sending me bill - Yeah, I don't either.
* hairdos for women with double chins - Well, mine's short & curly, seems to be ok.
* do eels eat slugs - Perhaps if they got the opportunity.
* trim ring of light fixture smells like fish - I do not envy your strange problem.

And this one isn't so weird, but it's incredibly popular: ikea snille chair. Everyone wants to know something about this chair, but probably aren't getting much info from this site, where I just mentioned it in passing. So, to ameliorate that, here is my review:

The Ikea Snille chair is very cute and looked great in my apartment. However, it's a piece of shit, and if you plan on sitting in it for more than just a couple of minutes a day, run far, run fast. We had ours about 3 months when it started to show a lot of strain where the chair pops into the base. Another couple of months, and it was seriously cracking open. Niiice. Ikea, why must you do such a crap job on the cheap office chairs? I got cheap crappy office chairs in Boston at Target, Linens N Things, etc, that lasted way longer than your stupid Snille. They weren't as cute, but in the end cute is no good if you have to toss the thing anyway. Alas, Snille is Ikea's only truly cheap office chair. When we had to stop using Snille we moved up to the next cheapest, and it cost twice as much. Boo!


  1. You really seem to attract people which are fascinated by snails and slugs;)

  2. Too bad I rarely have google hits with keywords... cuz mine is a photoblog...

  3. My wife liked it, then we purchased it. I hate this chair. It has a very weak and uncomfortable design. You cannot rest your back. A total crap.

    1. here here! ive got 2 snilles crack on me always on the right side, then again im right handed and i really bend my back when im chocking my chicken, cant believe there hasnt been a class action. wont anyone think of the (unborn)children(dripping from the bottom of my table)!

    2. also screw u the design is aweome and comfy, i love tht the chair only covers ure lower back, just be glad ures hasnt broke yet, which it will once ure cowgirl rides u on snilles, i can already see the paramedics coming, do not make cowgirl love on tht chair unless ure jimmy saville, actually even a single 15yr old will probably crack it, so dont do it! unless ure ian watkins..he really didnt deserve tht conviction for oral, tht baby had it coming! it was asking for it! or maybe it was just hungry..its hard to tell with babies


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