Sunday, August 12, 2007

Foreign Money!!

I was washing dishes tonight. Damon was in the living room packing. Suddenly I heard, "Hey! A quarter!"

I thought I misheard at first.

"I found a quarter."
"A quarter?"
"It was in this suitcase! Wow, look how thin it is!"
"Ooh, let me see!!, neat!!"

A North Dakota quarter, even. Foreign money is cool.


  1. Now we just need a way to spend those quarters. I still have about 2 bucks worth in my wallet. I wish I could trick the parking machines into thinking they were 2 CHF coins.

  2. I kind of miss collecting little bits of foreign change when I go outside Germany. I won't cash in what stuck in my pockets and wriggled its way to the bottom of the backpack in the pre-euro days. The euro makes things easier, but a lot less fun.

  3. What's really scary is that I have been out of the US for so long and they have changed the US money so much that it really does look foreign to me.

  4. The coins really are neat... but I love my nice, pretty euro bills. I came across a $10 bill last month and marveled at how ugly it was in comparison...

  5. Naechstehaltestelle: I think the only country you can trick into taking US money is Canada...

    Ian: You'll just have to travel farther, to non-Euro-having countries :)

    Mike B: A lot of changes, but I still await the day they get rid of the paper ones!

    Eurotrippen: I prefer Euro bills to US bills, too...actually I haven't found any bills that I like less than US bills (yet).

    Sara: Fun and adventure! :D Or something.

  6. when I'm in the States, I find the lack of a coin version of $1 and $2 to be very annoying.

  7. Adam: I never thought I would think that, but I do now agree. Paper money just isn't nice and neat like coins.


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