Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And now it's sunny again.

Wow, my timing rocks. I stopped for a few things at the grocery store after German class. When I came out, the sun was shining and it was beautiful. "What a great afternoon!" I thought. Then I looked west. Hahaha. It was black as night over there and getting awfully close. Hoping to get home before it hit, I zoomed home on my bike, but got caught in a traffic jam full of cranky car drivers. The sky above me was still blue when I got home and put my bike away. I went inside, went up to my apartment, and saw from my window that it was pouring like you wouldn't believe. (Unless you've been in Germany the last few weeks in which case you can probably believe any amount of rain, especially strangely timed and intermixed with 5-minute-periods of sun, is possible.) Whew.

Blogger's being a bit of a pain today and not letting me enter a title for this post. WTH? Maybe later I can edit it and add one.

For now I just have a couple of quick little blog-related things, but I have lots more to post when I get a chance. I've been writing the blog by hand during the break of my German class, heh.

* To anyone out there who uses Google Reader to keep up with other blogs – do you find that it doesn’t always work very well? Sometimes there seems to be more than a day delay after a new post goes up before it hits the Reader. I almost never use direct links to the blogs anymore and hate to think I’m missing new posts because Google Reader doesn’t always update!

* Thanks to Martina (American Im Odenwald) for naming me a Rockin' Girl Blogger. (She just happens to be one herself!) Now I’m supposed to spread the award to 5 other female bloggers, but I gotta tell ya, I’m really wondering if there’s anything like this for male bloggers. And if not, why not? (I know it’s all in fun, blame it on my analytical nature...or something. ;) ) I’m actually going to just pass it to two bloggers which I haven’t recognized with a link here because their blogs aren’t expat-oriented. This way I can recognize them and keep my link list relevant to those interested in expat stuff only. These bloggers are my sister, Sara, and my sister-in-law, Michelle, for their photo blogs. Sara has updated 2007 Year in Pictures every single day of 2007 with a new picture representing something that happened in her day. Michelle loves to add little anecdotes to her photos at Photogoblog. Both blogs are a treat and I love them! Thanks Sara and Michelle. :) Feel free to pass it on if you like! You can also put this badge on your blog if you want (pass that on too):
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  1. Apparently the title thing is a Blogger glitch. I'm having the same problem and others are too.

    The rain here is quite odd. Two drops fall and then an entire river drenches you. Annoying at times.


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