Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Varied Tidbits

* Hey, if you think me and all those other lemmings are losers for not wanting to hear what happens in a kiddie book before reading it themselves, please feel free to say so right in the comments. No need to go all passive-aggressive about it, posting vague spoilers in your own blog just to show us all that there are more important things in the world. Got it. You are righteous. You are above all that.

* A while back I said we found out that the Hausmeister isn't the one who changes our name in the elevator after all. Finally Damon got around to asking the person who he told us about to do it. I'm sure you can guess what he told us. The other guy is the one to change the name, of course. We'll be eternally running back and forth between the two. And in the end, probably will have to pay them 20 EUR for the service!

* We've reached a new low in Mexican food. The other night we went to El Paso here in Heidelberg. We went there before and it actually wasn't too bad, so we thought we'd try it again. We ordered chips with guac, which we got there before and were fine. However, this time they brought us the guac with some nasty flavored Dorito-like chips! Good god, it was revolting. No more El Paso. We'll just have to continue in our unending search for the elusive Ripe Avocado to make our own guac.


  1. Um, hope it wasn't my blog that got you all bent out of shape. I didn't spoil anything - how could I, when I don't know what happens? I was just being silly. I think reading the whole post makes that clear.

    And homemade gauc is the only way to go over here. :)

  2. Glad I'm not the only offender - I hadn't even seen the post below! Hope you two had a good read regardless:o)

  3. Sounds like the nasty chips at the Cinestar theater in Duesseldorf. Got me all excited ("Nachos! Rock on!") and then gave me Dorito-like chips with icky sweet ketchup-like salsa. Man, what's up with that?!

    And, ah, Deathly Hallows was so great :-)

  4. Little trick I learned last year. Take one of those hard unripe avocados thet are so fond of selling in Germany and bury it in a dish filled with flour. I have no idea why, but it softens within a couple of days, Not quite the same as a tree ripened avocado, but not bad.


  5. Jul, I saw no problem with your post :)

    Debbie, isn't it cruel? I don't see how flavored chips and any sort of dip go together!

    Meike, I will definitely try that! We haven't found any ripe avocados, or they are ripe in places and completely hard in other places. I make guac with a fork for lack of other tools so it really helps if it's ripe!

  6. I'll save you some time ... there are no good mexican restaurants in Germany.

    I'm thinking of opening one, but I fear that the locals will tell me that what we consider to be good mexican food is not good by their tastes ... I've already tried "real" margaritas on a couple of Germans, and they choked on the lime ... seems they really do like watery and wimpy drinks.

  7. Mike B: Despite knowing they all suck, I still just have to scratch that itch now and again...I miss Mexican food, it was so cheap in the US and therefore such a staple of our diets!

    Speaking of drinks I had the nastiest mojito of my life in Prague...lawdy.


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