Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Frankfurt am Main...not just the airport

On Sunday we tried to break our travel drought with a trip to Frankfurt. We've been through the airport and train station a few times, but never stopped to check out the city itself. Frankfurt sounds like a huge place because of its major international airport, but in reality it's barely bigger than Boston!

Unfortunately, we picked the wrong day to show up in Frankfurt. Some kind of Ironman competition was going on, crowding up the riverfront and the Roemerberg, Frankfurt's famous cute square. (You've probably seen it in photos before, even if you don't live in Germany.) There were some calm places along the river, but we had to forget the Roemerberg entirely. It was bisected by a fence and red carpet, and a giant grandstand and TV screen had been erected. Thankfully we've seen enough cute squares in the last few months to not be too bothered.

Damon wanted to try Aepfelwein (apple wine, or in local dialect, something like Eppel-Wei) so, arriving shortly before lunchtime, we first made our way across the river to Sachsenhausen, the neighborhood supposedly known for it. The area must be better known as a nightlife area, because it turned out to be almost completely abandoned, full of closed bars and restaurants which looked themey and cheesy (including Hard Rock Cafe). We crossed the river again and hoped to find some lunch in the Roemerberg area. As expected, everything was overpriced, but we were seriously hungry at this point, so we went into a restaurant anyway - one called Historix, which also touted itself as Frankfurt's apple wine museum. We both had eggs and potatoes with Frankfurter Gruene Sosse (Frankfurt green sauce), and of course the Aepfelwein. Afterwards we visited the Dom, had cake at a little French-Japanese cafe, then visited the modern art museum. We heard the museum was good but at first we thought we'd really wasted our money - almost everything on the first floor seemed like the awful kind of modern art that everyone makes fun of. Things got much better on the second and third floors, though. Afterward we left the area and walked out to the Palmengarten, a botanical park (with an entrance fee). There was almost no one there and the weather held out with no rain for the first time in days, so it was a really nice place to spend the rest of the day.

Frankfurt am Main Jul 07

Be sure to check out the photos for the full story!


  1. I know you try to keep your blog factual and pertaining to life in Germany, but that is exactly why I've nominated you for the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award!

    All in fun, of course.

  2. Cool photos! Also, I wanted to ask you: have you noticed a huge variety of mustards in Germany? Are they tasty. I hear strange rumors...

  3. Glad you liked Frankfurt. I'm a big fan of the city too. Granted, it's not my fav in Germany, but is a great place. Nice photos too.

  4. Martina: Thanks again :)

    Mary: Hmm, I'm no mustard connoisseur (sp?) but there does seem to be a lot of it here. It comes in tubes, too! And in jars - but I never saw tubes until I came here. Damon might know more about this one.

    J: Thanks! I hope to go back and do more sometime - I miss living in a sizeable city sometimes.


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