Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Welcome to the American Way of Pizza


On Sunday Damon and I did something we haven't done since we got here: ate at an American chain restaurant. Come to think of it, we almost never did it in the US either (with the exception of Qdoba, which I miss very, very dearly right now). We were wandering down the Hauptstrasse when Damon was struck with a craving for Pizza Hut. So, in we went. I took notes of this unusual experience on a napkin ;)

Their motto, painted on the window, was "Welcome to the American Way of Pizza". Kind of sad to think that the world's vision of what pizza is like in the US might be based solely on Pizza Hut pizza, which doesn't taste much like anything else you can get in the US or anywhere. It did shed some light on a discussion we had in German class a few months ago though. The teacher asked me and the other student, an Italian, which we liked better: Italian pizza, or American pizza. I was really puzzled trying to think of what she might mean by "American pizza". New York pizza? Chicago pizza? St. Louis pizza? Domino's? Turns out the answer might be Pizza Hut. (In any case it was hardly a fair question, because there might be a similar question when you talk about "Italian pizza".)

We picked up a menu and noted that there were free pop refills! Just like the US! Except that if you want free refills, you have to pay 50 cents extra. How's that for free?
When our drinks came, they had ice in them! Not ridiculous US amounts of ice (ice with a splash of beverage) but just a monolayer on the top. However, no straw, which I associate with ice now since US = ice plus straw in your drink, and Germany = no ice no straw in your drink. Ice but no straw is a mysterious combination. Damon had ordered Apfelschorle, though, and his thoughts? "Ice in Apfelschorle?? Das geht nicht." (Literally, "that doesn't go".)
The menu had a whole page of desserts, including mini-donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles and Belgian waffles. No dessert pizza, though, which is the only dessert that I can even think of that you can get at a US Pizza Hut. Then again, like I said, I didn't go to these places that much and I might be a little out of touch.
The other thing they didn't have was breadsticks. This is really disappointing for me because that's about the only thing I really do crave about Pizza Hut now and again. Oh, sweet Pizza Hut greasy-ass breadsticks, how I miss you. (Hmm, I know where I'm headed next time I'm back in the M-west.) We did get an appetizer with our dinner-for-2 order, which included about 6 "country fries", 3 breaded mushrooms, 2 chicken wings, and 2 chicken fingers. Yippee.
And, the pizza. It was just like in the US. Nice crispy grease coating on the bottom. It's pretty disgusting, tasted pretty damn good.


  1. They always ask whether my children would like straws, and I always answer "yes, and so would I!". It embarrasses my husband; I guess I'm too old for a straw?

  2. I used to occasionally go to a Pizza Hut in Stoughton, WI when I went there for experiments. It had the worlds sadest looking salad bar. Too bad about the breadsticks (you've made me hungry for them at 7:30 am).

  3. We NEVER went to Pizza Hut in the States. We also went to McDonald's about once a year, and I can't remember the last time I ate in a KFC in the USA.

    But we go to all three at least once a month now. This is either an illustration of our desperation or a sad testament to the power of advertising on American children (ie it's still working on us now, 30 years later). I guess it's kind of like someone from Tokyo buying sushi in a plastic box at the American grocery store. It's not the same, but it's all there is.

  4. We get pizza from Pizza Hut fairly often. Their breadsticks are pretty good, but I just LOVE their cinnamon desserts!!

  5. Agh! I used to manage a Pizza Hut years ago. They are evil and must be destroyed. I'm ... starting... to ... have... convulsions. If I die, it's your fault now! (And Pizza Hut's.) However, before I die, I'll say that I miss breadsticks too, in general. Here they usually have those icky little doughballs (Pizzabrötchen or whatever). Next to those, breadsticks kick ass.

  6. Ah, everyone loves the why didn't those make it into German Pizza Huts?


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