Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Slipping in Some Tidbits

Woo, almost done with my last core module! Then I have only elective modules remaining, which are one week long instead of two weeks - for only half the commuting madness!

* I spend Monday and Tuesday home sick, unfortunately. Whatever I had two weeks ago probably just never really went away, then with all the lack of sleep from class and commuting, it surfaced again. Yuck. A couple of notes on this:
(a) German tissues are so vile and abrasive. I have tried 4-5 brands and had no luck finding anything remotely soft. I remember when we first arrived we bought "Softis" because of the name and discovered they weren't soft at all. Even crueler, though, was discovering that of all the other brands were even less soft. I miss you, Puffs Super Duper Ultra Mega Plus Aloe Extra Soft tissues. (Yeah, okay, even most American brands are too harsh for my nose-blowing sprees.) With all the nose-blowing from these sandpapery things I now have cold sores all over my nose, which happens every time I get sick....unless I use the Puffs Ultra Mega Aloe Cushion Angel Cloud Soft Super tissues. Puffs is not paying me to say this. But if they are reading this and decide they want to, I will accept payment in cases of Puffs Softy McSoft Mega Aloe Feather-touch Heaven tissues.
(b) My wonderful husband went to the Apotheke to find something for the congestion. (I won't take Sudafed because of heart palpitations.) They found out I had a sore throat too, and sent him home with not just some freaky nose-spray device (these give me the willies!) but a bag of sage tea that I was supposed to gargle (not a talent of mine), some throat drops that resembled giant Sucrets, and a variety of little samples of things with lots of herbal drawings all over the packaging. They are herbal-crazy here. Damon gave me one of the cough drops and I just stuck it in my mouth, not thinking anything of it. I was quite surprised, then, when my tongue started to go numb almost immediately! "Er...what's in this?" He checked the package...Benzocaine! Cough drops containing anesthetic! Man, it was weird. I was afraid I would lose all feeling in my tongue and accidentally swallow the thing.

* Last week we spent the better part of a day in class learning about the administration of questionnaires. We learned that those who plan to outsource their questionnaire-administration to companies that do this sort of thing had best be careful: fraud is very common. That is, the faking of questionnaire answers by interviewers just to get it done.
Today a guy came around to my classmate and I on the train looking to take a survey for the Deutsche Bahn. My classmate agreed to do it. The guy looked at his ticket, then asked him a few questions. Then he tried to get me to do it, but the classmate explained that my German wasn't really up to par. So the guy asked me to just show him my ticket. I did.
And where do you supposed my questionnaire responses came from, then?

* On the same trip, our train was delayed. The announcer came on and explained the situation in German, then in English. However, instead of referring to the train as "delayed", he continually used instead the word "delighted"!! I wasn't the only one in the car laughing!


  1. I love the idea of a train car having moods.

  2. I'm delighted!!

    I laughed my ass off, btw, at your tissue name dropping. Kind of like how I referred to all greek orgs in college by listing of a string of random greek numbers. Only better.

  3. Delightful trains, lol. One day on the train the guy came on and said "eine Bomb" was on the track, so we'd be bypassing Oberhausen. What?! Luckily I had a German with me who also clearly heard "eine Bomb" (eine Bombe?) but soon figured out the driver was a foreigner and had meant "ein Baum" was on the track due to the wind. He had the wrong article & wrong pronunciation!

  4. Mary: And you'd be glad to be on a happy one, then, too? :)

    Sara: I actually can't remember the name of the ones that don't make me get cold sores....

    Debbie: hahah! Was the guy from a Romance language, maybe? They're always adding the -e on the ends!


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