Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Wine Drinking in the Sun

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Damon and I went on an excursion with the University Guesthouse yesterday, forgetting our sunscreen, to walk through the vineyards of the Hessische Bergstrasse tasting wines and enjoying the views. The Hessische Bergstrasse is an area just north of Heidelberg (in the state of Hessen) on the Rhein. On May 1 each year (a holiday here - Labor Day) they have a festival where stands of wine and food are set up along a long trail through the vineyards, and everyone hikes up into the hills to eat and drink. You can collect stamps at each stand along the way, and if you make the whole 20km trek and get stamped at each place, you can get a free bottle of wine or something. The walk was really gorgeous, although about 3 stops in the novelty wore off and most of our group was just tired of the crowds and feeling worn-out from all the sun. (Not much shade in a vineyard.) Luckily the plan was only to do 4 stops, although we could have continued. Damon and I, the Whitey McWeeniesteins that we are, though, really wanted to get out of the sun. Check out the photos to see the vineyards and other little interesting things about the festival!
Hessische Bergstrasse Mai 07

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  1. Ha! I love the glass-around-the-neck look. Very practical.


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