Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Das Kino

Last night we finally made our first trip into a German movie theater! We had intended to do this a while ago, but the (English-language) movie we were going to see turned out to be dubbed instead of subtitled and as it was supposed to be a complicated, arty movie, we didn't think we could handle it in German. No trouble with this last night, though - the movie of choice was Spiderman 3. We figured this would be simplistic and visual enough to be no problem to understand in German - and we were right.

The theater had mostly the same food as an American theater, only it offered only sweet popcorn and not the buttery, salty kind. Also, drinks came in bottles instead of paper cups, and you could of course get beer. The theater was filled with trash cans and drink cases for the used bottles. The seats were really soft and comfortable, and about half of them were actually loveseats, I guess to facilitate mid-movie PDA sessions.

Edit: Nathan reminded me! There was also an intermission. It was really disruptive. They got more sales, though, because we got popcorn and pop during it. I hope American theaters don't pick up this crappy habit. ALSO, there were cigarette ads before the movie!! If I've ever seen a moving, with-sound cigarette ad in my life before, I don't remember it. They were kind of like car ads.

The movie was entertaining enough. The best part is how when Peter turns evil, they just make him look emo. Hilarious! There's also a ridiculously cheesy scene where Spidey poses in front of an enormous Perkins-sized American flag, made all the more absurd by the foreign setting and language in which we were seeing the movie. I hope it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, because everyone was just rolling and clapping with laughter at it. Maybe if I were still in the US I wouldn't have even noticed this scene but it really stuck out like a sore thumb here and seemed a little misplaced. The Germans I went with really hated the movie, but I have seen much worse so I thought it was alright.

In other news, I have an appointment with occupational health today. At least, I think it is the equivalent of occupational health, but I don't really know. In typical German fashion, no one has told me anything. I just got an email saying I needed to set up an appointment with the "company medical officer". I called to set one up and they just asked me if 3pm was okay, and asked me if I worked with radioactivity. Yes, and no. No other information, except that it should last half an hour. Half an hour with occ health? I can't imagine. I used to work at a hospital where there were lots of extra occ health concerns like TB tests and still never had to meet with them for half an hour. So, hmm. We shall see.


  1. Was there an intermission during your movie? The ones Michelle and I went to in France and Italy had one.

    Also, the American flag scene came off as pretty ridiculous in the States too. This one was the worst Spider-Man movie so far. It was fairly entertaining though.

  2. I usually say something snarky about Krebs in the quiet right after the cigarette commercial.

    A good tip if you want real popcorn (and everyone knows real popcorn is salty!) is to pop your own, bag it in paper and carry it in your handbag. We also bring along a water bottle. Better than paying 4 euros for sugar water.

  3. Nathan: I read somewhere that the earlier two movies had flag scenes too, but I just don't remember anything that cheesy!

    Ian: Yeah, we used to sneak food into the theater in the US. I'm too wussy to make popcorn in a pot with oil oil freaks me out. We don't have a microwave or popper, though! I might have to suck it up anyway soon, because popcorn is one of my favorite foods....


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