Monday, May 07, 2007

Bike Ride to Ladenburg

Yesterday we took advantage of the continued beautiful sunny weather to bike over to Ladenburg. Ladenburg is a little town just down the Neckar from Heidelberg, and it is purported to be one of the oldest towns in Germany, being settled sometime around the birth of Christ. Because it's only about 11km away, we took our bikes through the fields between the towns (thank God for German zoning - no crappy ugly sprawl, just wheat and strawberry fields, bikers, walkers, and kite-flyers).

Ladenburg had been really pumped up for us. We were meaning to go for a long time, as it is one of the first places recommended to us to visit when we very first arrived to Heidelberg, by a university professor who told us to just walk over there. (I think that biking is a better option here!) Then we kept hearing gushy rave reviews about its greatness from various sources. When we got there, we found a cute town with narrow streets, old walls and ruins, and adorably painted half-timber houses. In short, a lot more of what we've been seeing in other places lately, and not a bright beacon of wonder like it had been built up to be. I think I am just getting a little burned out on travel after the past month of running around to Dilsberg, Neckarsteinach, Schwerin, Hamburg, Luebeck, London, Bingen, Oberwesel, St. Goar, Heppenheim, Bensheim.... Nonetheless Ladenburg was a really nice place to spend the afternoon. It also has a really great Doener joint near its main market square, where they made the flatbread for our Doener from dough right in front of us! The bread was perfectly fresh and crisp when we got them. We also tried Eis at a couple of different places, but still no Eis we have gotten anywhere in Germany has matched the deliciousness of the Eis at Eis Cafe Venezia in Heidelberg. They have the best Eis and the best cones, and for this they don't even charge any more than the standard Heidelberg scoop price of 70 cents.

We want to go back to Ladenburg sometime to eat at Die Kartoffel, a restaurant you can see in our photos below. Not only for the awesome name (The Potato) but also because it's supposed to be really excellent. Maybe a good place to take the parents!

Check out the photos and judge the amazingness of Ladenburg for yourself:
Ladenburg Mai 07


  1. Now that is funny, we were in Ladenburg yesterday as well! We could have crossed paths. It is truly beautiful and was better than dealing with the crowds in Heidelberg yesterday due to the Verkaufsoffenersonntag! Nice pictures!

  2. I love the kite-flying picture.

  3. Sarah: Are you in any of our photos? Then you'll know if we crossed paths ;)

    Mary: Me too, we really were lucky to stumble across that scene!

  4. Pardon my cluelessness, but are you all ex-pats? I'm an American that's actually living in Ladenburg, right in the old town section.

    Can anybody give me any tips on how to meet any other expats or anything?

    I have a decent grasp of the language, yet I find it nearly impossible to get out and meet people around here.

  5. Mike, My husband and I are American expats in Heidelberg. What are you doing in Ladenburg? I imagine it might feel a bit insular there since it's so small. If you like to just meet people around, try O'Reilly's or the Dubliner in Heidelberg - they are full of Americans. There's also a German-American Institute in Heidelberg near the Bismarckplatz although I am not familiar with it, I've only heard about it. If you're affiliated with the University they have some activities too, but they are for all foreigners and only some are American (if you are just looking to meet Americans). You probably already know about some of the websites like or - I haven't found them much help but you can always try! Or if you are on any networking websites like Facebook or Myspace often there are groups for towns which are full of American expats. Of course sometimes you can meet Americans in language courses but mostly I've only met other Europeans that way.
    Good luck!!


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