Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why am I always on a plane or a fast train?

As soon as we got back from Hamburg, it was less than 48 hours before we were on our way to visit our friend Stef in London. We got back this afternoon, and tomorrow morning I'm back in class in Mainz, every day including Saturday. I have a test Tuesday morning and a presentation Wednesday. On Sunday I'll spend the day in Frankfurt waiting for three friends from the US to trickle in on various airlines, then they are staying for a week. This is all wicked exciting but given more flexibility I don't think I would have chosen this schedule!

So, once again, no time to write a real post, and I haven't even gotten the London photos together yet. My hope is that by publicly declaring what I am hoping to post, that I will be motivated to still do it, once I have time.

I will post!:

* About the trip to Schwerin, Luebeck, and Hamburg!
* About the trip to London!
* About crime in Heidelberg - it does exist!

Okay, I've been up far too long for my sleep-loving self. (20 hours now.) Gute Nacht!


  1. Sounds like a fun week. I've had beamtime and really need to rest too.

  2. I look forward to reading your impressions of Hamburg.

  3. I know the tune ... so hard to catch up. Nice photos below.

  4. Ian: Hopefully coming soon...

    Mike B: It feels impossible, no? Hope all is going well w/ you! Glad you liked the photos!


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