Sunday, April 01, 2007

Our Trip to Dilsberg and Neckarsteinach; Damon Turns Way Old


Not only was today Damon's birthday, the weather was great, in stark contrast to the rain we had yesterday! To celebrate, we took a trip to visit two nearby towns that we've been meaning to see for a long time, Dilsberg and Neckarsteinach. To the right, you can see Damon as he is in the process of turning way old in Dilsberg. Dilsberg is, unlike your typical German town set down in a valley, set up on the top of a hill. The old part of town (the part we visited) is completely surrounded by its old town wall.

We rode the S-Bahn to Neckarsteinach and crossed the Neckar on a footbridge over their wehr/hydroelectric plant. We then walked through the woods up a hill. The old part of Dilsberg lies at the top of this hill. It feels like you've made a special secret discovery as you begin to see it appearing as you near the top - even though it isn't, because you can drive up there and it's loaded with tourists. The path wasn't busy at all, though. We saw a lot of little plants just springing up, and tons of my favorite plant, moss!

In Dilsberg we walked the narrow streets and headed first for the castle ruin, at the highest point in town. Not that the castle and the views from its top aren't noteworthy, but the highlight of the trip was a fellow guest! He was an older gentleman in a suit and tie with a big shock of white hair, hailing from somewhere where they say "Gruss Gott!" instead of "Guten Tag!" (Bavaria, Swabia, Austria...) and jolly as all hell. The best part of all was his tie which featured SQUIRRELS. This guy rocked, and he said "Gruss Gott!" to strangers, which isn't the local way at all (to acknowledge strangers, I mean).

After the castle we walked around the town wall, park, and gate, then stopped in a cafe for a snack and bathroom trip before heading back down the hill to Neckarsteinach. There we walked through their old town area, past some half-timber houses and two churches all decked out for Easter, and then on to two of the town's castles. Neckarsteinach has four castles, one of which isn't accessible to the public at all, one of which you can only see the outside, and two which are ruins you can climb around. The two we saw were Mittelburg, which one can only walk around, and Hintenburg, which is a big messy climbable ruin with a sign saying "enter at your own risk"! Very cool! Be sure to check out the photos of all this by clicking THE PHOTOS at right!

Afterward Damon and I had dinner at a Turkish restaurant near the Kornmarkt. We'd been there before and it was again excellent, though on the pricey side. Time to crash - April is going to be a long month.

Dilsberg and Neckarsteinach Apr 07


  1. Happy Birthday Damon!! Sounded like an ideal day!qqo

  2. I have no idea where that "qqo" came from in my previous message!!


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