Thursday, April 19, 2007

London Photos!

We finally have our London photos up! London experiences still to come. It's past my bedtime, and two more early morning trips to Mainz left this week...must sleep!

London Apr 07


  1. Brought back memories of my trip there. Your pictures are much better!

  2. I'll agree with cardsfan here. Brought back some memories here as well. I thought it might be worth noting that the "London Bridge" you took a photo of is the "new" London Bridge. The "old" one got moved to Arizona or somesuch. Actually, I just read all about it ( The one in Arizona is fairly new too. It looks like the REALLY old London Bridge was kinda like an out of control Gold Bridge from Florence.

  3. Suzanne: Thanks! You should go again to get some more photos :)

    Nathan: So should you :)


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