Saturday, April 28, 2007

Some New Albums...

3 comments try to make up for the lack of a post right now.
I had three friends visiting all week. On Tuesday we visited Hirschhorn, just up the river from Neckarsteinach:

Hirschhorn Apr 07

On Thursday we visited the Mittelrhein, including Bingen, Oberwesel, and St. Goar!

Bingen Apr 07

Oberwesel Apr 07


  1. My favourite spot on the Rhine is Bacharach. Stayed at the youth hostel in the old castle. Stunning.

  2. Sara: Cheater!

    Ian: Bacharach looked really nice passing through! I really liked Oberwesel, but St. Goar was a little bland (though I didn't stay long enough there, perhaps).


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