Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Schriesheim, and Blogger/Picasa - You Suck.

New photos from Schriesheim! Click on THE PHOTOS to the right. I had written a very long post about our trip there, as well as about all the fun on the Deutsche Bahn today and about some foods perceived as American. Then, when I tried to insert a photo using the photo insert option, Blogger posted the photo over my entire entry. The entry was lost. I tried "recover post" but it only recovered the new version, over and over and over. I think it may have been due to faulty photo album code I copied over from Picasa - I guess it only worked that one time. It will be a while before I attempt that again!

So, Blogger and Picasa are on my Scheissliste (is this a word?), and hopefully I will be able to rewrite the entire post, but you know it's never really as good as the first time. Bah! Enjoy the photos, though!!


  1. stupid blogger >:(
    (i am frowning in real life, too)

  2. Hi, Cool blog and great observations. I remember noticing a lot of the same things at first and now I don't even think about them. Then when I visit the States I have to get used to everything there again. I'm jealous of your intensive German classes (I think). Maybe I would learn some then.

  3. Maybe type everything in word and archive it on your computer. All you need to do is copy and paste into blogger (right?). Then again, I don't even blog so what do I know?

  4. p/s/ i use this random, very basic photo editing stuff called irfanview' that i downloaded free when my pirated copy of Ulead stopped working. it has a pixelize option. i did the pixelization several times and in different ways just to make sure it was sufficiently blurred -- after the first pixelization i realized when it's minimized you can still see the fuzzy numbers.

  5. Sara: Thanks for the link :)

    Michelle: Thanks! The intensive classes are nice but there's nothing like real conversation in the real world - of which I am still rather terrified. People are so hard to understand. But the classes have given me a huge, huge boost.

    Nathan: Master of the obvious ;) I have done this before but blogger has just been so good lately that I don't usually bother with the extra step, though I should.

  6. Hi,
    sorry to hear about your blogger problems.
    Not been doing this very long, or with much sophistication, but so far I've had absolutely no problems with wordpress.
    PS - I hear moving over from blogger to wordpress is pretty easy. Check them out!

  7. Ian, I have heard good things about wordpress! If I continue to have problems I will probably seriously consider switching. (I'm also a low-sophistication blogger :) ).


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