Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Entertainment

This weekend we swear we're really going to paint the rest of the apartment. Yuck.
Here's some entertainment for the meanwhile:

Famous Pulp Fiction scene, and how true it is (esp: "And I ain't talkin bout no paper cup, I'm talkin about a glass of beer"):

Funny Berlitz ad:

An interesting game I found online, kind of like War, only with great disasters. I found this while looking for more information about the Eschede train crash. (You can see more info about it on the Eschede card.) Click "play" in the top bar of the screen to play the game!

Hazard Cards


  1. How did the painting go? Not too bad I hope.

  2. You know we're dying to hear whether you managed to paint the apartment :-)

    By the way I've started up a blog of my own in case you'd care to stop by - it's still in its baby shoes, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.

  3. Mary: See the newer post :)

    Martina: Good to see you are blogging!! Good luck with it!


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