Sunday, March 11, 2007

Return to Ikea

We were thinking about finishing the Great 2007 Apartment Painting Project this weekend, but we changed our plans when the wonderful Piera and Gregor offered to give us a ride to Ikea. Forget painting! We jumped at the chance to finally finish furnishing our apartment! The trip turned out much better than our previous Ikea experience. It wasn't as crowded (not sure if it was due to the timing or the fact that we were in Mannheim instead of Walldorf), we knew what to expect, and we didn't need quite so much stuff. Nothing came broken. We finally got our TV off the floor onto a stand, a rug in our bathroom instead of a towel on the floor, and a dresser in our bedroom instead of copy paper boxes on the floor full of socks and underwear. We also got a table and chairs for our terrace so that we can actually sit out there and enjoy it, and bathroom furniture to replace the rotting hulks that our landlord left in there for us. Our apartment is one step closer to being presentable to other people.

The whole thing hasn't been without its imperfections, of course. Damon put the backing for the bathroom shelf on backwards, so the unfinished bumpy brown side is exposed. Oops. I'm hoping I can find some contact paper or something to cover it up - I think trying to fix the mistake would just end in disaster, because the bathroom ensemble is the cheapest crap we could find (79 EUR for a tall cabinet, a short cabinet, an under-the-sink cabinet, a wall shelf, and a mirror - some of which we don't need but it was cheaper than buying only the components we needed). Ikea Kullen for anyone interested.

Speaking of stuff to avoid if possible at Ikea, add the Snille chair to this list if you plan to sit at your computer a lot in it. Ours is showing some serious signs of wear already. It looks cool, but I think we'll end up buying a new chair sooner rather than later, unfortunately. Rolling chairs are so expensive!

On the good side I was happy with the tall Malm dresser we got. I didn't even notice in the store, but it has a flip-up mirror on the top, and a little bit of space under the mirror that is perfect for storing all the jewelry that I hadn't been able to figure out what to do with. (It was sitting on windowsills and hanging from closet hangers - both not great.)

I was just thinking that this is probably the only time in our life we'll actually get to pick furniture we actually like. Previous to this we could only get cheap-ass furniture at Target, which doesn't have a great selection of styles. We also and probably will continue to in the future get most of our furniture as gifts from Damon's talented woodworking dad. It's really great furniture but not usually what we would pick style-wise. So, I guess we should enjoy choosing our apartment furniture while we still can :)


  1. i love that you give the names for stuff so i can look it up on the ikea website and see what you have in your apartment!

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  3. Ikea is like the 6th or 7th level of hell for me, but still necessary from time to time.

    The trick is to get in & get out as quickly as possible... oh, and wear comfortable shoes for the 45 minutes you're standing in line to pay.

  4. You're reminding me that, in terms of real estate, anticipation is the only pleasure.

  5. Sara: Quit stalking me! ;)

    Martina: Whew, we went around 6 or so, so I guess that might have helped us. I don't know if going at night helps during the week though - we went on a weekday around 6 last time and it was horrible!

    Eurotrippen: The returns line is even worse! I'm so glad nothing was broken...this time!

    Mary: You're right on there...

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  7. Has anyone experienced the true joy of weekday IKEA breakfasts? There are approximately 50 senior citizens standing in front of the door at 9am waiting for them to open so they can be first in line for the 1.50 Schwedisches Frühstück. Beware! They will run you over without even flinching!

  8. Sarah: Oh my god...I must see this...and get photos. Old people crack me up!


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