Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rant Rant Rant!

Finally well enough to peel myself away from the bathroom. Of course this means I must get my ass to work immediately because the time lost between having visitors and being sick means that I have to work something like 25 hours this week while still doing intensive German. No idea how that is going to happen.

My husband is usually wonderful during these sorts of things, and he mostly was this time too, getting me Powerade and applesauce and listening to me whine during what felt like death throes. But, he decided that it was my turn to do the dishes, so the dishes from Saturday night (we went drinking after dinner and I was sick immediately Sunday morning) were my job, no matter what. So, now fast forward to Tuesday, finally I am well enough to stand over the sink without puking in it...and of course since then every dish in the kitchen has become dirty. (Despite the fact that I've eaten nothing for two and a half days but a serving of applesauce and three crackers.) Niiice. I love recovering to a set of three-day-old spaetzle pans and six dirty mugs, six dirty plates, six dirty salad plates, six dirty big glasses, six dirty juice glasses...which will all have to wait even longer since I'll probably be working evenings this week to get all my hours in. ARGH, men sometimes.

This whole incident has also shown that I should really give up any idea of having children. First of all, there is no way I could tolerate the morning sickness or the labor, as proven by the wussiness I showed during this illness. Secondly, how could I take care of kids when I was sick, if I can't even do the dishes? Third, husband is work enough. He can't make a simple phone call to a credit card without my constant reminders, without me spelling out the number for him - so if I'm out of commission, not only do my things not get done, but neither do his because I am not harrassing him. How could we handle a family if all function ceases when just one person is sick? ARHHGHGHHG And fourth, the mere fact that I'm whining about this in my blog shows that I must lack the maturity to have children.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're feeling somewhat better. Are you able to keep food down now? Does the food poisoning theory still stand? I did once get food poisoning after a familiy style meal at an Indian restaurant. I think I was just more susceptible that day for some reason, because no one else got sick.
    Arguments of maturity, etc, aside, your kids would be really cute. ;)

  2. and the grandkiiiiiids go tooooooo....

  3. Mary: Mostly down ;) I had a whole bowl of rice tonight with only mild discomfort...
    Still not sure if it was food poisoning. Evidence for: Damon/Stef don't seem to have caught it from me. Evidence against: Lasted about a day longer than typical food poisoning. But I guess it all depends on the organism - speaking of which maybe you got your food poisoning from a place other than the Indian restaurant? I mention this because the last barfer I had in 2001 was the Norwalk virus. We had an outbreak after a seminar at work had tainted food. But no one got sick until 36 hours after the seminar. I had eaten normally all that time with no problem, so what I ended up barfing all night were Indian leftovers! I really thought that's what got me, until I found out all my coworkers were sick too! (Then they had an investigation and found the source.)

    Sara: Hasn't she sworn off having kids?

  4. I was wondering why Damon was kind of man-giggling on the phone when he was saying you were sick. I guessed that either it was some sort of morning sickness, or you had been in the bathroom all day... Oh, those boys...

  5. Well, for now. Once you go back to the US I'm pretty sure having a network of people around you who speak your language helps.

  6. I had no idea food poisoning could have such a long incubation period. Does food even stay in the system that long? Or is it just the bacteria (or whatever causes it).

  7. Michelle: oohhh, it was about the bathroom alright...

    Arashi-Kishu: You're right, who needs maturity when all those who have been there are around to tell you what you should do? ;)

    Mary: Haha, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the barf contents this weekend - "Carrots!? I can't believe that stuff was still in there!" But depending on the food it can be in your system a pretty long time. Of course only the organism needs to stay around to make you sick, though.


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