Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Painting Weekend

We have successfully painted the living room. It took two days (let's just say we aren't early starters) but it looks much better without all the grime, grease, crayon marks, and mysterious black streaks left by the previous tenant(s). Removing the floorboards in order to paint was an educational experience - this apartment (like many in Germany, bless their draft-fearing souls) has a serious mold problem. It was horrifying. All we could really do was clean it up and stick them back on.

After the first and longer portion of the project on Saturday we were famished and in need of a drink. (Complaint heard during painting: "Damn, my hand hurts. I'm not going to be able to hold my beer!!") We wanted to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by going to the Irish bar down the street, but every other English-speaking expatriate in Heidelberg had the same idea and there were no seats. (We wanted food too! A burger! I really wanted a burger!) So we looked for another place and ended up at Hemingway's, across the Neckar. Best burger, fries, and Strongbow I ever had.

Now what our apartment really needs is a giant piece of art or two. We saw some at Ikea but couldn't really agree on any of them. To be honest this is actually a luxury we can't afford, but the place looks so stark. I guess we'll get used to it - but if anyone has any ideas for huge cheap art, let me know!


  1. Cami,

    if you get any of those mysterious black streaks on your newly painted walls, don't despair. They can be removed with a Schmutzradierer. They're available from Meister Proper or generic brands, which work just as well.

    They really work. I was amazed, we had black streaks that I couldn't get rid of with anything else that I tried.

    They don't call me Mop Queen for nothin' :-)

  2. I'm hoping I'm not as dirty as eight years of tenants who wouldn't paint, but you never know what will happen ;) Thanks for the tip!

  3. If you feel really ambitious, you could just paint some shapes/designs in complementary colors on your walls to spice things up. Straight lines are easy to do with a little masking tape. You saw the dining area of our apartment in Des Moines, right?

    And you're saying Damon and I look alike when I'm drunk doing jazz hands?

  4. brigid uses large fabric wallhangings that cover her entire walls -- pins them up with thumbtacks, i think.

  5. Haha, Martina, I just got a black mark on the wall while hanging a picture. But it's nothing like the weird long black line that we painted over...which looks like it was created over a long period by some piece of furniture being there!

    Nathan/Sara: Cool ideas, thanks! We have less talent than you guys and that damn German bumpy wallpaper, so I'm not sure if painting would look as good as yours, but we could try. As for fabric Ikea has some that's really cool! (Mom would go crazy!)

  6. Cami,

    see, those black marks happen at the most unexpected moment!


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