Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Those of you who have been having a lot of trouble getting your packages to be delivered to us may want to hire the lovely Sara to send it off for you! She seems to have a mystical ability to get things delivered, and fast! The awesome goodies shown to your right got here from Seattle in under a week. THANK YOU, SARA!!

I also want to thank Aunt Elaine and everybody else in my family who signed and sent us a big piece of wrapping paper from the family party that we missed! I meant to write about it when I got it a few weeks ago but it got buried in a whirlwind of work and class related stuff and I just dug it up while cleaning. It rocks! Thanks, you guys!

Speaking of digging things up, I just finally got all our pictures from our limbo period in the midwest (between living in Boston and living in Heidelberg, we crashed with various relatives for about a month) uploaded to my computer. They had been sitting on Damon's laptop.

I love white cake so I wanted to be sure to have some on the trip home. It's hard/impossible to find in Boston and I didn't know whether I'd be able to get it here either (haven't yet). Our awesome families got us white cakes, decorated all going-away-party-style. See below for the misspellings and questionable geography which resulted:


  1. Okay, I give up: which country is that on the right? :-)

  2. Looks like Austria or the upper half of Germany before WWII.
    Hmm, nice Blog by the way :)

  3. i love how it looks like the united states is a creature that is about to eat the smaller country! (the boston star is the eye! texas and florida are the feet! run away!!)

  4. I have a lot of sympathy for spelling mistakes on cakes. I once wrote "Happy Bithday" on a cake and didn't even notice.

  5. p/s/ did you love the virtual tour of Ballard?!

  6. Martina: Exactly....we haven't figured this out. My dad's girlfriend offered to let the cake decorator borrow a map of Germany, but she insisted she already had one.

    Volker: We thought Austria at first, too! But then upon seeing a map, it didn't really look right either. We have checked every German state and possible combinations of German states, and no dice!

    Sara: The US has a huge ass! Do I love the Ballard tour? Um YES...but I want a real one!

    Mary: hehehe...Pithday would have been even funnier. But we asked Damon's mom about it, and "wiederseden" is what she dictated to the cakemaker. Not sure where she got it because I think she asked Damon for the right word!

  7. I wish that my parents would send me stuff once in a while...

  8. Arashi-Kishu: Well, it was my aunt, not my parents ;) My mom does send me mail now and again though...would you like me to give her your address? She's a mail junkie! ;)


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