Friday, March 30, 2007

And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Blog

I finally ate a real, complete meal last night. Damon helped me with half of those dishes (isn't he great? :) ) and called his credit card. I am feeling much back to my normal self, and this blog needs to get back to normal too - wherein we answer more pressing questions than "Did CNHeidelberg puke last weekend?" - such as:

* What is up with contact lens solution? Damon ran out and I realized I didn't think I had seen it being sold in any regular old store. I asked my German teacher where we could buy it, and she said it comes, like the hydrogen peroxide, from the Apotheke. So, Damon went to pick some up there, and it was 10 EUROS for a bottle (the big size). Whooooa, buddy! That is way too much! There must be some secret other way of buying this stuff for Germans, because I can't imagine they would put up with paying that much for it every time. Then again, glasses seem to be more common here than in the US, perhaps because insurance covers them more often than contacts.

* What did we find when we put our new bathroom furniture in? The shelf that had been left in the apartment for us was an aging cream-colored hulk of disintegrating particle board, from some long-ago Ikea line. It couldn't stand on its own, and wasn't screwed to the wall like it was supposed to be, so it had been held up with two grimy ceramic upside-down flower pots. After we moved out the shelf, I picked up the pots, only to discover a huge pile of ancient white pill-bug exoskeletons. Oh lawdy. At the time I forgot to sweep them up because I was headed out to the deck to get the dingy pots as far away from me as possible and got distracted. Later when I went back in the bathroom I stepped in the pile. Oh nasty. I don't have any idea how they got under there, but it was quite disturbing.

* Is six months long enough to really know German? No, but it's long enough to conjure up a mean "Can you tell me the way to the train station?"

* Does Google Analytics decieve me, or did I finally, just now, finally get my very first hit from my hometown? And was it because I threatened not to have babies? ;) Sorry to scare you, Dad. Don't worry, biology will probably win this one.


  1. Yes, contact lens solution is quite expensive in Germany. Try to get it cheaper in a Drogeriemarkt like DM or Schlecker.

  2. Also Aldi and Lidl will have contact lens solution once or twice a year, so you can stock up then.

    You can sometimes find good deals at eBay - the phrase to search for would be Kontaktlinsen Pflegemittel.

  3. Yay! It's wonderful to hear that you're feeling better.

  4. Michelle and I were informed on our visit to my parents house that you two and michelle and I are the last families with a chance of carrying on the proud family name. I mentally ran through all the boys I could think of, and, sadly, they're right. Darn Don and Carrie for having ANOTHER girl. So, you know, no pressure on that whole baby thing. I came up with the perfect name for a boy too. "Daniel Matthew ", then shorten it to "Dan Matt ", then say it kinda fast.

    (No offense Nathan, but I deleted & reposted your comment to take out the name!)

  5. Barbara and Martina: Thanks for the suggestions! Martina, you don't work for Lidl, do you? ;)

    Sara: Way...I can't believe someone finally visited (Dad? Joe? Who knows...)

    Mary: Thanks!

    Nathan: I guess you guys better get to work then ;) Jeff's not having any more kids, I take it? And what if we said we were just going to give them some totally other name, hahahha!! We'd be disowned...

  6. Cami,

    believe it or not I work for the Deutsche Post :-) However I'm working on becoming Hausfrau of the year ;-)

  7. I did pass your blog site on to Joe earlier this week. I told him how enjoyable it has been following your escapades over there!! Glad you are better. Keep good thoughts about kids!!

  8. Martina: Cool! Working for the mail is my secret dream job...(My grandpa was a Postmaster!)

    Suzanne: Hey, thanks for spreading the word! :)

  9. You also have to get baking soda at the Apotheke. I tried to make chocolate chip cookies once in HH and I was surprised to only find baking powder at the grocery store. Good thing my boyfriend is a pharmacist; I would have never thought of going to a pharmacy to buy a baking item!

  10. Emily: I haven't heard of that one! Don't try that in the US...haha. You can find baking soda at some stores here, it's just hard to find and it comes in little tiny packets. I got some at Rewe.


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