Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Night Notes

The paper may not be good, but it's written. I was happy to take a look at my class schedule and see that a good chunk of the first days of this module will be spent on basic SAS things which I have already learned at work. Sure, it's maybe not a good use of my time, but at least it won't be brain-busting after all the paper-writing I just did. It will be a bit of a break, I hope.

* I found some candy hearts in a big basket of assorted goodies in the office kitchen. There were only four in the bag, but the words on them were curious: "SHALOM," "SERVICE," "PARTNER," and "SORRY". Service?

* After about a week of regular bathroom-using at the language institute where I did my intesive course, I discovered I was using the wrong bathroom! The thing hanging on the door that I thought was just bad art was actually a men's-room indicator. There was another door down a hallway I hadn't noticed before which had an equivalently ugly ladies'-room indicator. Not that it mattered because each is a one-holer, but I was a little embarrassed, having been seen strolling into the mens' a few times by that point.
Then I was further confused later when I found the toilet seat up in the "ladies'" room - twice. And I saw a female instructor going into the men's room. Oh well.

* We finally got our driver's licenses! Yeah, they tell you they'll send you a letter when it's ready, but they don't. It had been almost two months, so on the wise counsel of Eurotrippen my husband went to the office in person to find out what was going on. They were ready. There was never going to be any letter about it, though. Apparently this is a common theme here in Germany.

* FREESHT was a really special one, but I still get confused regularly by much less bizarre German pronunciations. Recent favorites:
Fertig (ready/done) should be "FEHR-tich" (the ch being that not-existing-in-English sound I have explained previously). Actually said often: FID-ish.
Sechzehn (sixteen) and Siebzehn (seventeen) get mushed together into a word pronounced "SEB-zehn" - which is presumably siebzehn, but sounds, when said quickly, closer to sechzehn to me. Argh. Same problem with some kind of fffffzehn that I always hear. Fuenfzehn? Vierzehn? I'll never know!


  1. Have you been to a German sauna yet? Don't go running to check the sign on the door thinking you've entered the men's side, unless you go on Frauentag!

  2. i love how you have a tag for posts about "bathroom"...!

  3. Ian: I haven't been, but I know I should try it! I have heard the stories, though...
    I don't mind coed bathrooms but I don't understand why they were marked with signs when really it didn't matter. I just felt kinda stupid ;) We had coed bathrooms in college...including showers with only curtains, haha. Couldn't do that at just any US college!

    Sara: Hey, it's an important part of life!


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