Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'll take some cheese with my whine, thanks.

If I ever swear off school, it will be because of homework. I can take the ten hours of class a day, the studying for tests, the sometimes-pointless lectures, the reading. But I can't take the damn homework. I never minded it as a kid. What else did I really have to worry about then anyway? But having been out of school for so many years and enjoyed the luxury of work days that end when you go home, going back to school and having stuff hanging over my head at home too doesn't suit me anymore. If I am here, I would like to spend my time on matters of my own choosing and not an assignment I would never have picked. So, spending this last weekend before The Great Return To Mainz on a paper regarding an article I didn't choose and which is dreadfully boring has got me in my cranky pants. Gr.

It didn't really help that yesterday, as I finished up a few days of thankfully successful programming at work, I mentioned to the post-doc I'm working with that I had to get to work on this paper. "They make you write papers??" Here he is, sitting pretty with his PhD, and I guess he didn't have to go through this sort of thing. It wasn't very encouraging to have it reaffirmed by him that the assignment isn't something useful on the road to Being A Real Epidemiologist (which he is). The paper assignment is accompanied by a 3-4 page list of all the things it will be graded on, the likes of which I have never seen even when writing my bachelor's thesis. Good grief. I want my Regular Adult Life back.



  1. that's so lame. dude was just being all self-satisfied with his phD which he probably earned in his native language! or maybe not.... while you are working hard!

  2. Maybe the post-doc did a lot of problem sets instead of papers. I'm with you on the advantages of leaving work at work though.

  3. Sara: Non-native language for him ;) But he went straight to PhD which I think is more practical. Also, my classes are in English, it's just the rest of my life that isn't! ;)

    Mary: I'd rather do problem sets, definitely. I just hate paper-writing.

  4. Regular Adult Life? What's that? All I know is the constant, looming, homework-that-won't-die feeling...and I can totally sympathize!

  5. Jen, I don't know how you can stand it! I'm such a wuss!


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